Muhammed Najem

I am Muhammed Najem. I am Seventeen years old.
I am from the Eastern city of Ghouta in Syria

About Me

 I am Muhammad Najem. I am 17 years old and I am from the Eastern city of Ghouta in Syria. I started filming and reporting on the war from Syria when I was 15 years old, to share with the world the horrors of the bombings, death, and destruction occurring every day in my homeland. I lived through eight years of the war in Syria, seven in the Eastern Ghouta area of Damascus, and one year in Idlib. I share our stories, the reality of my people, the Syrian people, here on YouTube, Facebook ...Twitter and Instagram, [see links below] I moved to Turkey with my family in 2019, and we are safe now. But the war in Syria goes on, (for over nine years), and people die there every day. I will continue to report the news from Syria, to keep the world informed. Thank you for your care and support. Please subscribe, and feel free to contact me if you have any questions about me or the situation in Syria.