Muhammad Najem

An elderly woman wishes to die because of the difficult situation she is living in Idlib, Syria.

I wish I could die.

I do not want to live in this difficult situation. I am sick and my husband is sick too. We do not have food or drink, and our tent is in a bad condition.

I’m an old woman, and I have lived through a lot in my life. I have seen many things, and been through many situations. But nothing compares to the difficult and harsh situation we are living in right now in Idlib, Syria.

Our tent is in a bad condition, and it is very cold inside during the winter season. We do not have any food or drink, and my husband and I are both sick and weak.

I want to die so that I can be free from this situation where there is no safety or peace of mind for anyone living here.
Oh, the poor old couple! They’re sick and sad and alone.

But it’s not their fault. That’s what happens when you’re old: you get sick and sad, and then you die.

But why must they die? Why must they spend their final days in such a terrible place? The woman is elderly, and her husband is elderly as well.

They have no food or drink; their tent is falling apart. And yet, despite all of that—despite the fact that this couple has already lived long lives—they are determined to go on living until they die.

What a shame!

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