Muhammad Najem

#Arhbo #Qatar FIFA World Cup 2022™ Idlib’s Municipal Stadium was launched today

The world has been watching the war in Syria for over ten years now, but one thing they haven’t been able to see is a stadium.

That changed today when the Idlib Municipal Stadium opened its doors as part of the FIFA World Cup 2022™.

The Syrian stadium of Idlib has been reopened after a decade of closure due to the intense bombing of Russia, Iran, and the Syrian regime. The stadium was filled with fans who were reliving from their stands the atmosphere of football matches.

Ten years ago, the stadium closed its doors as a result of the intense raids and bombings by Russia, Iranian militias, and the Syrian regime forces.

The stadium witnessed an opening match, punctuated by loud cheers from the fans, who did not neglect the protest against the Syrian regime, reminding them of its crimes against the Syrians, and calling for its overthrow.

At the beginning of the opening ceremony, they raised their flag of revolution and formed the word revolution by lining up close to each other indicating their continuation of demands of the revolution.

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