Muhammad Najem

Because of cold the little girl is shivering; Snow destroys refugees’ tents.

A child suffering severe deprivation
He complains to God
His father died and his mother died
And the people have become homeless
He became an orphan, lost, and homeless
A child without a home and no address
Walking on the sidewalk
Oh my homeland, sorry for all the humiliation
We have not yet met you, Damascus, for our souls
We lost all safety today
An orphan child, the life tastes him
A cup of pain and sorrow
And winter came hard on the little one
Cold and hunger meet
Hunger severely crippled him
And the cold is coming like aggression
His chest is littered with paper
May he give him some tenderness
Death caressed his soul with love
Let’s go to a kindergarten
Come baby to your mother she’s
Received bliss in Paradise
Go to your martyr father, for he is
Close to the Prophet and the sincerest among friends
The little boy died of winter and he’s cold
From the hunger, from the cruelty of deprivation
The little one died, and there is no consolation for a nation
I accepted the cup of loss and humiliation

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