Muhammad Najem

Khadija, “ The Syrian Iron Woman” that stunned the world and grabbed the UN headlines


Khadijah Afash is one among minority of female camp managers in Northwest- Syria. She is also a camp founder, educator, and community leader.

Khadijah Afash is an example of a woman who has emerged from the Syrian Refugee Crisis as their communities were destroyed. After founding a camp for 128 families, she has started to run a school and has established a network for 15 NGOs in Northwest-Syria to coordinate their efforts. She is also working on building a hospital in Afrin.

Managing the camp was difficult, but Khadijah believes that she has achieved so much. “At first, when I started managing the camp, I had no knowledge about NGOs or aid,” she says. “Now, we have more than one medical center and infrastructures like a bakery and a water network.” The school is also doing well with all the teachers coming from my village who know how to teach because they also studied here.

Khadija, the Syrian iron woman is one of the most successful camp founders in Northwest-Syria. She is also a community leader and has the ambition to expand her capacity by building a bigger school.

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