Muhammad Najem

Muhammad Najem Chat with Angelina Jolie, Fellow Activists, and My Vacation in Syria

My friends, I am so proud to share the chat with Angelina Jolie and my fellow youth activists. The book “Know Your Rights and Claim Them”, released tonight!


Also here, see my summer vacation to the homeland, Syria.


I visited the beautiful children of the Syrian camps for the displaced.


They don’t give up hope, they keep smiling, they are counting on us to speak for them until they can raise their own voices for freedom, peace, and dignity.


And the next day in Idlib, the beautiful, peaceful protests against the Assad regime.


The children in Idlib chant with the adults: To Bashar al Assad, LEAVE SYRIA. Stop the killing. You need to be held accountable for your war crimes. We want peace.


It’s our land. The land of the Syrian people. At the end, these people will win.


The next generation, the children, they may be small, but they will take him down.


I played with a puppy and cats, rode the scooter with my friend, and visited a very sick child in the camps who is in need of help.


The next day I filmed the watermelon harvest.


And the end is another teaser of the chat with Angelina Jolie — airing tonight!

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