Muhammad Najem

The family day turned into hell For innocent little souls were stolen from our world


Imagine my friend, you have four children walking and playing around you and you hear the sounds of their smiles and suddenly they on the ground, fall dead. no word can describe how you feel. A day’s with a family turned into hell. Russian bombing targeted the city of Idlib in Syria, with aerial bombardment. It never bombed military areas, but children. The bombing left seven martyrs, 4 of whom were children from one family, in addition to 12 wounded, 8 of whom were children. This is how the family day began, and this is how it will end. They will return home without sounds, without laughter, and without their children. maybe their clothes are The only memory that remains for this family, and what kind of memory is these four children in one minute, all killed, four little souls taken too early from this world with no guilty except that they are innocent children. a new massacre and the world watching, God has mercy on all of them and healing for the injured.

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