Muhammad Najem

The Zionist entity called Israel kills people, killed our people in Palestine


What happens in Palestine is never acceptable.

The Zionist entity called Israel kills people, kills our people there, as if they are not human beings.

Where are the human rights from these attacks by soldiers against the people of Jerusalem?

Why they kill people on their land? Why ,Is the strong always fighting the weak?

They must know that Jerusalem is Arab land and will remain, and the weak will not stay weak, Jerusalem is ours, and we will not abandon it no matter how long it takes.

This is my land, Palestine and Syria are one state, and one people.

What happens to my people there is happening to my people here.

Jerusalem is my issue, and my land, you will not take it away from us،

the day will come and we will liberate our land, willy nilly, we are the truth, this is our land, our hearts are with our people in Jerusalem, peace will prevails one day and it will return free as it was

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