Muhammad Najem

This is What Five Years of Reporting on the Syrian Genocide Looks Like

In any and all languages, the message is clear – Assad and Putin commit genocide against the Syrian people.

With much effort to get the truth out to the world, through selfies and videos and interviews, Najem works tirelessly to continue to spread the news.

Why? Because the killing of innocent civilians has not stopped. Still today, the bombing and missile strikes continue. Yes, these attacks are less frequent now, but still deadly to the civilians who live there. And still enough reason for the millions of displaced Syrians to not return home.

Over 11 years of this brutal genocide. So the suffering continues for the Syrian civilians. And as long as this continues, the reporting must continue as well.

The world has seen the truth, and no one came to the rescue.

The people of Syria are still hopeful that with reporters such as Najem, the world will take notice and finally stop Bashar al Assad and Vladimir Putin from their continued assault and murder of innocent Syrians, and the destruction of homes, land, farms, hospitals, schools, and markets.

It it takes another five years of reporting, Muhammad Najem is up for the task.

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