Muhammad Najem

Wishing For The Impossible: Bringing Refugees Back To their homes.

In a world full of terrifying news, it’s nice to see something different.

The war in Syria has created the twenty-first century’s largest refugee crisis, with many people displaced from their homes. where they live in hastily built camps filled with tarps and tents. These temporary shelters provide little protection and it is bitterly cold during this time of year, especially for children.

“In this heart-wrenching video, we witness the struggles of a Syrian widow and her frozen children as they try to stay warm in a camp for displaced persons. Despite the dangers of using nylon bags, the woman is forced to make this choice as she cannot afford to buy firewood. This is just one example of the dire living conditions faced by Syrian families in Idlib. Our hearts go out to all those affected and we hope for a resolution that will allow these families to return to their homes.”

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