Muhammad Najem

يوم الطفل العالمي | World Children’s Day

World Children’s Day Today on World Children’s Day, let us remember that the United Nations and the world governments, and the rest of us, as human beings, have an obligation to improve the lives of children everywhere. Children in Syria don’t get to go to school. Their schools are regularly destroyed by the Assad Regime’s and Russian bombs. The families are so poor and hungry that the children have to work to help their family survive. Imagine a small child, working in a bicycle or auto repair shop, cleaning cars, selling gum or biscuits on the street, washing dishes in a restaurant, shaving men, shining shoes, or being forced to beg for money on the dangerous streets. These are the fates of thousands of children, not only in Syria, but in many other countries around the world. Children have rights, just as every other human being on the planet has. The right to a safe, free life, an education, food, a home, and a safe place to play and be a child. To live freely with no bombs being dropped on them to blow them to bits, and no one forcing them from their homes to live in makeshift camps with no resources. Today, and all days, we need to work together to give children normal, happy lives–which is their right!

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