Muhammad Najem

5 Year Anniversary of Khan Sheikhun Chemical Weapons Massacre

5 Year Anniversary of Khan Sheikhun Chemical Weapons Massacre


It has been five years since the Assad regime murdered 91 Syrian civilians using saran gas in Khan Sheikhun.


Those babies and children, women and men, suffered horrible deaths as they choked and gagged, unable to breathe due to the poisonous chemical gases.


Then in Douma, a year later, regime helicopters dropped toxic gas, suffocating another 42 civilians.


To this day, no sanctions have been placed on Assad or his regime, although the UN committees and OPCW confirmed at least five separate incidents where he used chemical weapons on his own people, and also destroyed evidence to cover his acts of genocide.


Assad’s war crime partners, Russia, manages to obstruct the work of these investigative committees and votes against Security Council resolutions that aim to hold the regime accountable.


Nothing has been done to help the victims or stop Assad from repeating these brutal acts.


Now Russian disinformation campaigns are working hard to set up the Ukrainians to be blamed when Russia uses chemical weapons in Ukraine.


This is exactly what Assad did when he used chemical weapons, his disinformation campaign spread the lie that the Syrian people used the chemical weapons on themselves!


We honor the Syrian victims and their families on this anniversary, and pray that the criminals will be held accountable for these crimes against humanity, and any future plans to use chemical weapons, (by Assad or Putin), will be thwarted.

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