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A double and hidden crime against the camps in the countryside of Idlib

A double and hidden crime against the camps in the countryside of Idlib



A double and hidden crime against the camps in the countryside of Idlib writes a new page on the terrorism of the Assad regime and Russia


The criminal regime and its allies are playing with fire in Syria. While they continue to target civilians with Cluster bombs, and ground-to-ground missiles, they also commit other crimes against humanity, such as killing children and women in their homes or in camps for displaced people.

This is what happened On Sunday, November 6 morning when an air strike targeted a camp for displaced Syrians in rural Idlib, killing dozens of civilians. This crime is not only double because it was committed by an air strike but also because it was hidden. The criminal regime and its allies have tried to hide this crime through disinformation campaigns on social media platforms. This is a similar tactic used by these criminals to hide their previous crimes against humanity, including chemical attacks that have killed hundreds of innocent people.

The first crime is against humanity. The second crime is against common sense. It’s impossible to believe that this was an accident. The Assad regime and Russia have been bombing civilian targets for years now—in fact, they’ve been doing it since before Syria even had a war! The fact that they’re still doing it now, when there are no military targets anywhere near these camps, just proves how little they care about human life or even common decency.

The world has watched as Assad bombs his own people for years now and has done nothing about it—other than condemn him for his crimes against humanity in the strongest possible terms—and so it’s no surprise that he feels like he can get away with anything at this point. But this time he went too far: he bombed refugee camps full of children who had nothing to do with any of this nonsense! We have to send a message that we will not tolerate such barbarism anymore by calling on all countries around the world to stop funding Assad’s regime and Russia until he agrees to step down from power or else face international sanctions

The Syrian revolution continues despite all these atrocities committed by the Assad regime and Russia against our people. We will continue our struggle until we achieve freedom from tyranny and oppression!

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