Muhammad Najem

A Plea for International Intervention from the IDP Camps in Syria


The infrastructure in Northern Syria has been destroyed by years of regime and Russian bombing, leaving the displaced people in camps to face worsening situations daily.

There are no water or sanitation services.

Medical and educational services are provided for very few of the people, the aid groups cannot provide enough to care for the millions who are displaced in tent camps.

Coronavirus has worsened the problems.

Tents and food baskets for a week will not solve the problems.

We pass on this plea to the international community: The only solution is to allow the displaced to safely return to their homes.

This means that the attacks by the regime and its allies must be stopped! And the criminals must be brought to justice for war crimes committed against the Syrian people.

This can only be accomplished with INTERNATIONAL INTERVENTION.

A message from the IDP camps in northern #Syria​ on the humanitarian crisis that millions of Syrians live in, and the only solution to it.

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