Muhammad Najem

A rainy season in northern Syria is not a happy time

A rainy season in northern Syria is not a happy time


While it’s not the best time to be in Syria, This rainy season, which started in late March, has been notoriously wet and icy, leaving Syrians feeling miserable and tired.

This camp is flooded because it’s built on Earthen land. In the regions of northern Syria. That’s why we have to be creative and find solutions in order to give a better life to these people who are forced to live in rainy weather for a long time

Besides the cold, the rain, and the wind, those who are living in tents or made from fabrics, are present. The situation seems to become worse every day with the passage of time and it is becoming a tragedy that repeats itself every year.

Children need comfort and good care in their younger years, so they can grow up healthy and strong.

The consequences are not only the rains but also the pervasive mold and violence that is perpetrated against our beautiful, vulnerable people.

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