Muhammad Najem

“Ain al-Zarqa” in Darkush, north of Idlib in Syria

Darkush, the capital of popular tourism in northern Syria. They call it the country of the pomegranate, whose fame has spread to the horizons and they call it the bride of the Orontes. On both sides of the river there are stories told

The city of Darkush, the capital of popular tourism in northern Syria, has gained fame since ancient times. It is known as the Bride of Orontes, and its history has been linked to the most beautiful events in northern Syria. This charming city has been appreciated by many poets in both Arabic and Turkish languages, but it is still waiting for those who wish to discover its unique beauty and stories…

Thanks to its wonderful scenery and nature, Darkush has become a tourist resort with various types of tourism sites.  It has the Orontes River as the main source country’s economy and tourism.

Let your imagination fly and enjoy the video of Darkush

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