Muhammad Najem

Amazing Deaf Painter Honors The White Helmets


Lama Abbadi was born deaf and mute, but soon started painting to express her feelings.

People noticed her unique talent and had her draw or paint their portraits.

But her amazing skills are used to depict the brutality of the war in Syria. Although she cannot hear or speak, she has seen ten years of death and destruction that she transfers onto canvas. Sometimes she paints very graphic images of the reality of the genocide.

And sometimes she paints her feelings of hope that were inspired by the bravery of the Syrian Civil Defense volunteers (the White Helmets).

Inspired by the female White Helmets, especially two who died as they helped others, she collaborated on a beautiful mural, painted in their honor, on International Women’s Day. Lama inspires and encourages all people to never let any obstacle stop them from reaching their goals.

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