Muhammad Najem

{Animation movie} will you stand with us

{Animation movie} will you stand with us

Dedicated to all detainees who are still suffering in those dark cellars. They are not afraid of anything anymore, but to be forgotten.

إلى جميع المعتقلين الذين لا يزالون يعانون داخل الزنزانات المظلمة. لا يخشون شيئاً في هذا المعتقل إلا أن يصبحوا منسيين

this is not the story of one or two people, this is the story of a whole generation, and while you are watching this video thousand of innocent are being held illegally and tortured in the most brutal ways, hopefully, this video gives voice to those who can’t be heard.

I always thought about what the executioner feels when killing. What he feels when he sees the pictures of his victims among body parts and blood; does he have nightmare?. Can he even sleep? Is he a single person who does not know the meaning of children or family? Or is he experiencing the feeling of love, has he lost his girlfriend or someone he loves, and has become a person who does not care? A cruel and heartless person, was he trained to kill, was he tortured to a point in which he lost the feeling of the bitterness of pain? Is he filled with hatred, does he ask Why before carrying out the killing or torture? Or is it something that must be implemented without questions? Does his life go on normally as if he did nothing?

Does he think that he is doing the right thing? Is it reasonable that he thinks that he is not guilty but is a slave of a commanding officer? Do you think that some of them may be executioners to earn a living each day, or for the glory of power? Is he a narcissist? Does he think that the victim would kill him if they were the executioner, then tells himself better to kill him than killing me? Can he look at his family with a smiley face, laugh and eat, and think that he did not commit a sin? Is he someone who is forced to do this?

Does he not feel pain with the cries of the victim, with the looks of despair? Is the executioner an atheist person who does not believe in the existence of heaven and hell? Is he a blunt cold-blooded person, with no emotion, no feeling, no hope, no future?Was his childhood dream to become an executioner?

What could lead a person to the point of killing another? Is it easier for him to harm another person or cause him pain when he or she is not related to the victim? No positive or negative association, not even prior knowledge, not even love, hatred, or interest?

Questions revolve in my mind without an answer, what do you think might be the answer?–

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