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AstraZenica Covid-19 Vaccine Provided To Syrian Civil Defense Members And Health Workers

UNICEF as part of the Kovacs initiative, approved by the World Health Organization (WHO), and distributed by the Turkish Red Crescent and Physicians Across Continents (PAC) Turkey, via Britain; have provided the Oxford-AstraZenica vaccine to Idlib and Idlib governates in Syria.


These shots are meant for health workers, and humanitarian aid workers. Basically, anyone who is an essential worker, helping the people of Idlib is supposed to take the vaccine.

The Syrian Civil Defense volunteers (the White Helmets) are required to take the shot, meant to protect them from Coronavirus (COVID-19).


The questions are: why AstraZenica, and is it safe? This particular “vaccine” has caused many health problems in the countries that are using it. For instance, in England alone, there have been 209 cases of blood clots in the brain, with 41 of those ending in death.

The vaccine is not yet approved for use in the USA. The EU received delivery of 30 million doses, England received 26 million doses, the Vaccine Alliance (Gavi) for low income countries received 7 million doses, and 5 million doses went to other countries. AstraZenica has made a $275 million dollar profit so far.
It’s important to note that this vaccine, unlike any of the other main Covid-19 vaccines, contains a virus from Chimpanzees.


The Oxford-AstraZenica vaccine uses an adenovirus (a common cold virus from Chimpanzees) that has been genetically altered to mimic the coronavirus without causing the actual illness. It is meant to train the immune system to grow stronger to fight off the actual coronavirus when exposed to it.


Australia and now Britain are offering an alternative vaccine to people under 50 and 30 years of age (respectively), due to the blood clot issues. These blood clots that form deep in the brain are normally a rare occurrence which can cause strokes and ultimately death.


People under 60 may not take it in Italy, Ireland, Spain, or Germany, and only those over 55 in France; whereas Denmark has suspended the use of this vaccine for everyone.


All of this information begs the question: Is the Oxford-AstraZenica vaccine safe to be giving the beloved heroes, the White Helmets, and the essential health workers and humanitarian aid workers? These are the most important people in Idlib, as they provide services that help the displaced and others survive.

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