Muhammad Najem

Countless Lives at Risk – Aid Desperately Needed in Syria

Countless Lives at Risk – Aid Desperately Needed in Syria


My friends, Countless Lives at Risk, the devastating earthquakes in northwestern Syria have killed 2,032 people and injured thousands. There has been widespread destruction, with 210 buildings collapsed and 520 partially collapsed.

Time is running out for those who are still trapped under the rubble.

Messages are being sent, voices are being heard as they cry out for help as they are buried alive.

There is not enough equipment, vehicles, supplies, or man power to rescue all who need help in Syria.

No aid has been received in Syria. Nothing. The White Helmets and regular civilians who are volunteering are on their own, often digging with bare hands as they have no tools.

PLEASE help in any way you can. Our action can make a difference.

Let’s show the Syrian people and the White Helmets that we support them, and stand with them in their time of need.


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