Muhammad Najem

Deadly Earthquake Strikes Near Turkish Syrian Border

Deadly Earthquake Strikes Near Turkish Syrian Border

*My friends, we will update this information as it becomes available. Deadly Earthquake  Already the number of dead and injured have increased as the rescue efforts continue, both in Turkey and Syria.

These tragic earthquakes occurred in the early morning hours while innocent families slept in their beds. Many people are buried under the rubble and rescue crews have been trying to dig them out for hours. Some success has been seen–a few children and adults have been alive when pulled from the rubble!

Harsh weather conditions make the situation more difficult as the severe cold, snow, and rain hampers rescue efforts.

International support is needed! This is an urgent call for help for Syria and Turkey as well. Please spread the word, the Syrian people must not be left alone to die in this situation. Let us ask the 45 nations who offered help to Turkye to also send aid and rescue crews to Syria.

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