Muhammad Najem

Displaced Syrians in Idlib Have No Food for Ramadan

Displaced Syrians in Idlib Have No Food for Ramadan


It is the holiest month, the month of Ramadan, when Muslims across the world fast from pre-dawn until sunset.


At sunset the fast is broken with a celebratory Iftar meal, but the displaced Syrians in Idlib struggle to find any food at all, even to break the fast.


It is also required during Ramadan, to be charitable and give to the needy and poor, and when the month is finished, to celebrate Eid al-Fitr with new clothing, feasts, and parties with family and friends.


There will be none of these wonderful meals or new clothes, nor celebrations for the families living in tents in Idlib.


They have nothing.


Even daily food is hard to find, making survival a struggle.


We pray for them that they will find some joy in this holy month, amidst all of these tragic situations.

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