Muhammad Najem

Eastern Ghouta

August 21st marks a horrific anniversary for the Syrian people. On this day in 2013, the Assad regime conducted separate chemical weapons attacks on innocent civilians in Eastern and Western Ghouta, near Damascus. Over 2,000 died a gruesome death, choking and smothering from the poisonous chemicals. Innocent civilians, children, and babies were the victims. After seven years, we still wait for this war crime to be prosecuted. No one has charged Assad. No one has stopped Assad’s murders or war crimes, they continue to this day. The UN and other independent agencies investigated and determined that the Assad regime committed this war crime.
We urge the United Nations and the Hague to charge the perpetrators. #Justice for Al-Ghouta

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Eastern Ghouta

On the 8-21-2013 Assad regime murdered over 2,000 innocent civilians in Al-Ghouta, Syria with chemical attacks. 7 years since & Assad’s war crimes continue. UN

Eastern Ghouta

a nine-month-old angel displaced with her family from #EasternGhouta.She lost her life yesterday as a result of malnutrition and the harsh living situation in northern