Muhammad Najem

Every New Winter Brings the Repeat of Suffering

Every New Winter Brings the Repeat of Suffering


The snow builds up on the roofs of the plastic/canvas tents which can’t bear the weight, so the melted water and ice seep inside the tents and create freezing-cold mud.


Even the mattresses and bedding they sleep on gets wet from the snow and rain.


Every year, with the onset and intensification of winter, Syrian refugees face the harshness of freezing weather, and the lack of heating sources.


Those who have heaters have constant fear that a fire will start and consume the tent, with their families inside.

The residents of these camps are refugees from different regions in Syria, suffering from difficult humanitarian and living conditions.


They live in tents that cannot protect from the heat or the cold, and there is no solution to these ongoing problems.

While the rest of the world is anxiously awaiting the snow to come, the people of the camps do not welcome it. They are far from ready to bear the burdens of any kind of storm, as their tents are worn out, and the organizations cannot repair their tents, nor their pain.


Syria needs your prayers Please Never forget them at All



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