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Families Living in

Families Living in


Thousands of displaced Syrians are struggling to survive in the camps on the Syrian border with Turkey, due to the difficult conditions.

We all should demand support for them to turn their “mud cities” into livable places.

For 10 years civilians in Idlib Governorate (northwest Syria), have been victims of the bombings by Bashar al Assad’s regime and allies, led to the destruction of their homes and places of work, forcing them to flee with their children to the border areas.

During the winter, rainwater pours into the camps, turning them into puddles of mud.
Children who wear rubber shoes or walk around with bare feet find themselves having to play in large puddles.

Some of these families live together in tents provided by NGOs, or mud houses that the displaced build with their own means.

The aforementioned camps suffer from a lack of infrastructure, in addition to turning into puddles of mud during the winter, the tents begin to leak rainwater after their fabrics were damaged due to the summer heat.

Families are having to find exceptional ways to survive, while fighting the poor living conditions and lack of means.


Please do not forget Syria from your prayers

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