Muhammad Najem

“Get Me Out of Here – I Am Your Servant”

“Get Me Out of Here – I Am Your Servant”

Get Me Out,I will do anything for you، I can be your servant

I will do whatever you want
Just help me out
I can be your servant
These are the girl’s words
Syria Idlib💔

In Idlib, Syria this desperate little girl stuck under rubble with her sibling, begs the rescuer to help her out.
She pleads: “Get me out of here, I will do anything for you, I am your servant“.
This absolutely heartbreaking moment is happening in Syria right now, as hundreds are still buried under rubble created by Monday’s earthquakes.
Many are crying out from where they are buried alive. They need rescuing.
This is a tragic situation as the Syrian rescue workers are having to use their hands to dig!
We ask you to please contact your government representatives and demand that help is sent to Idlib. They need IMMEDIATE ASSISTANCE.



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