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Idlib Woman Seeks Help with Azolla Plant Farming

Idlib Woman Seeks Help with Azolla Plant Farming


A woman farmer in Idlib is growing Azolla plants which can replace feed for animals such as poultry, cattle, and even fish.


The Azolla plants can be difficult to grow, it takes hard work but is worth the effort, because one plant can be used to start an entire plantation.


It is her dream to become successful at growing this plant as it can replace other sources of protein such as soy, and doesn’t cost much to grow.


Once grown, it essentially becomes “free feed” for the animals.


It can also control mosquitoes, and it can regulate nitrogen in the water.


She seeks support to keep going.


She needs advice from engineers/scientists on how to keep the weeds, herbs, and algae out of her plants, and how to maintain the correct temperature.


Friends, if you know of an expert who can guide this woman and help her to fulfill her dreams, please let me know.


Her success will benefit all farmers in Idlib.

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