Muhammad Najem

in America Crowds of Armed Trump Supporters Violently Attack Police and Break Into Capitol Building


Shocking images from America today, as armed Trump supporters violently invaded the Capitol building while Congress was in session. One woman was shot inside the building and later died. The crowd was acting on Trump’s false claims of voter fraud. The National Guard was called in to restore the peace.

Trump supporters stormed the Capitol Building in Washington, D.C. They became violent and broke into the buildings, including the Senate building. Explosive devices were also found at Democratic and Republican headquarters a few blocks away. A woman was shot and is in critical condition, many officers have been injured. We have seen over 10 years of violence in my country of Syria. We are very familiar with these sad events. We would never wish this to happen in any other country. These protesters who support Trump are angry that he lost the election. Trump’s claims that he was cheated in the election have been proven false, but his followers believe his words and are acting out in violent and dangerous ways. We hope for our friends in the United States that this situation ends soon, with no more violence.

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