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Interviews: Sustainable Development Conference

Interviews: Empowering Northern Syria: Sustainable Development Conference

Northern Syria faces severe humanitarian and economic challenges. Leading humanitarian organizations are hosting a conference to discuss economic empowerment and sustainable development. The goal is to improve lives and foster international cooperation for lasting solutions.
Dr. Edward Gonzalez 00:00
Supervisory Democracy and Governance Officer – USAID

Manuela Oettinger 01:18
Head of Project – GIZ

head of the European Union Service for Foreign Policy instruments covering the Middle East and North Africa region. 02:39

Celine Kasem 04:13
Syrian activist

Raed Al Saleh 06:24
Director of the Syrian Civil Defense Foundation (White Helmets)

Final Recommendations of The Conference
1-Form public relations teams to visit international, regional, and Arab donor organizations to explain the new directions and recommendations of the conference over a full year. A report on the visits and their outcomes should be prepared for the institutions organizing the conference.

2-Encourage international and regional organizations working in Syria to contribute to supporting and funding projects and programs that enhance economic empowerment and provide job opportunities in northwestern Syria.

3-Establish an Economic Empowerment Fund for northwestern Syria, with the development of financial and governance systems for the fund, to implement development projects that contribute to utilizing the human resources in the region.

4-Study the feasibility of establishing a cash endowment institution with its funds sourced from either investment or endowment deposits, or deeds. Its scope of work would be economic and social empowerment, contributing to the sustainability of charitable and investment activities, and it can rely on different business models.

5-Launch a series of specialized workshops with experts and specialists to lay a suitable foundation for launching initiatives, producing a roadmap that highlights the current situation in the context of financing mechanisms and financial sustainability. This would contribute to developing value chains and achieving integration among their different components, and support the application of various innovative financial and technical solutions in collaboration with international institutions and the private sector.

6-Support local agricultural and industrial products by providing financial and technical support, improving product quality and competitiveness, and offering marketing training to reach local and global markets, along with sustainable agricultural practices to preserve the environment and natural resources.

7-Support youth initiatives and small and medium-sized enterprises that contribute to creating job opportunities and securing sustainable income for their workers.

8-Focus on the outputs of university and higher education and vocational training linked to current and future market needs as a key component of economic empowerment.

9-Empower young people and build their capacities by organizing targeted training programs to develop the technical and managerial skills necessary for effectively entering the market and provide essential support for youth entrepreneurial projects.

10-Support coordination between the private sector, civil society organizations, and the governmental sector to govern northern Syria through a legal and administrative system that fosters an environment conducive to economic empowerment.

11-Encourage the private sector to invest in sustainable development projects in northern Syria, providing innovative solutions to enhance economic and social sustainability, and facilitate communication between businessmen, export processes, and banking transactions.

12-Strengthen coordination and cooperation between institutions operating in northern Syria and the relevant Turkish government authorities, as many issues are tied to productive collaboration between these institutions and Turkish authorities. It is also recommended to consolidate communication with the Turkish side through a single, comprehensive authority.

13-Allocate investment funds from the non-governmental organizations organizing and sponsoring the conference to support the continued operations of these organizations in serving the community in northern Syria over the next five years.

14-Working on transforming the healthcare sector into a developmental sector that contributes to achieving sustainability by providing integrated and sustainable health services and using technology and financial innovations in collaboration between the public and private sectors and civil society.

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