Muhammad Najem

Largest Humanitarian Catastrophe of the Century

Largest Humanitarian Catastrophe of the Century


The largest humanitarian catastrophe of this century is still ongoing in Syria.


Starting with the brutal crackdown of the Assad regime, and to this day with the help of Iran and the Russians.


Russia came to help Assad and “tested” their new bombs and weapons on innocent civilians.


They helped cause millions of Syrians to be both internally and externally displaced.


Since the Russians came to help Assad in 2015, countless people have been murdered, maimed, arrested, tortured, and displaced–including 36 White Helmet volunteers killed and 163 injured (as of the making of this video).


Russia (and Assad) continually break the rules of international law by targeting civilians, hospitals, schools, mosques, ambulances, and vital infrastructure.


Russia continues to introduce new weapons for testing on Syrian civilians. The latest is the laser-guided Krasnapol missile. It’s high precision and very destructive shells cause the maximum death and damage to targets.


Lack of accountability for its war crimes in Syria has allowed Russia to continue these atrocities in other countries, including Ukraine.


They use the same criminal tactics in Ukraine because they are not being held accountable for these crimes in Syria, since 2015.


This should be a warning sign to the rest of the world!


If Russia is not punished for these continued crimes against humanity, they pose a global threat.


Will your country be next?

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