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Lebanon Halt summary deportations of Syrian refugees

Lebanon Halt summary deportations of Syrian refugees


Imagine yourself in your home safely with your family, and you find that the security forces stormed the house, robbed you of your freedom and security, and sent you to your country, from which you fled for many reasons, the most important of which is fear of torture and murder.

Imagine also that this country is a party to the Convention against Torture,

This means that the state is obligated not to return or extradite any person at risk of torture and to the principle of nonrefoulement guaranteed in customary international law, which requires that no person be returned to a place where he might be exposed to the risk of persecution or other serious human rights violations.

Lebanon is controlled by Hezbollah, which is supported directly by Iran (a country whose people live in poverty). They do not find an excuse so they blame Lebanon’s misfortunes on this refugee Poor Syrian.

Returning a Syrian refugee to his homeland at this time means sending him to die, and there are many witnesses. This is not the first time that something like this has happened. Lebanon has often forcibly deported Syrian refugees and they have been subjected to arrest torture some have even been killed!


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