Muhammad Najem

Media Coverage is a Universal Right

Media Coverage is a Universal Right


The media has a right and a duty to report the facts to the world.


When events such as the recent massacre (yet another one) of innocent civilians in Syria are not allowed to be reported, or are censored, it is a crime on top of the crime itself.


Regardless of the international silence about the ongoing 10 year genocide of my people, the Syrian people, we must continue to raise our voices in protest.


18 killed, mostly doctors, nurses, and hospital staff; and 61 wounded (three children, and three White Helmets) in yesterday’s shelling in Afrin by the Assad regime and YPG.


Al Shifa hospital was directly attacked with seven missile strikes. S E V E N (7). Can you imagine this being a mistake?


Contrary to International Law, hospitals, clinics, ambulances, and medical staff are continually targeted by the Assad regime.


We will continue to report the truth.


We ask for mercy for the dead, and healing for the injured.

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