Muhammad Najem

Muhammad Najem Talks to Angelina Jolie About the New Book

Muhammad Najem Talks to Angelina Jolie About the New Book

Angelina Jolie interviews Muhammad Najem and his fellow youth activists, Aisha Saleh, and Vinuki Bakmeedeniya for tonight’s launch of the new book, “Know Your Rights and Claim Them”.

The book covers the rights of children through the featuring of youth activists and their work, including the three in this video.

This interview briefly covers the history and reasons that they became activists and their advice to other children in the world facing adversity.

Questions from children all over the world are asked by Angelina Jolie and answered by the youth activists.

Muhammad and fellow activists are featured in the book, explaining how to protest peacefully, stand up for their cause, and claim their rights as children/youth.

These activists point out that children do have rights. And children do have the power to stand up and claim these rights.

Please read the book and share it with children for inspiration, it’s important and powerful.

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