Muhammad Najem


My dear friends, please share in our happiness and pride. The following are reviews about the book MUHAMMAD NAJEM, WAR REPORTER, now a Junior Library Guild Gold Standard Selection.

From Anderson Cooper, CNN Anchor:

“What an amazing story this is! One family’s struggle for survival in the chaos of Syria, and one boy’s courageous decision to risk his life to tell the story. This graphic memoir is inspiring and exciting, powerful and very poignant. I loved it!”

From John Berman, CNN Anchor:

“A story of journalism at its most inspiring, its most heartbreaking, its most essential. Muhammad is a reporter who brings hope to a damaged world.”

From Clarissa Ward, CNN Chief International Correspondent:

“A beautiful book about an incredible boy. In telling Muhammad’s story, Neus simultaneously captures the extraordinary sincerity and courage of so many young Syrians, against the backdrop of a hideous war. Children everywhere should read this inspiring book.”

From Victoria Jamieson, coauthor of When Stars Are Scattered:

“A powerful true story that demonstrates the power of one young person determined to change the world. Everyone should read this phenomenal book.”…/muhammad-najem…/9780759556904/

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