Muhammad Najem

Muhammad Najem, War Reporter Documentary.

Muhammad Najem, War Reporter Documentary.


In this exclusive video, Muhammad Najem, a war reporter from Syria, tells his story.

Muhammad Najem has covered the Syrian conflict from the beginning. In this video, he shares his story, from the beginning of the Syrian conflict to his time as a war reporter. Hear how Muhammad Najem has been able to survive in a dangerous and tense environment, and learn what it’s like to be a war reporter on the front lines of the Syrian conflict.

Based on the award-winning book, Muhammad Najem, War Reporter.


I am Muhammad Najem. I am from the eastern city of Ghouta in Syria.  I started filming and reporting on the war from Syria when I was 15 years old, to share with the world the horrors of the bombings, death, and destruction occurring every day in my homeland. I lived through eight years of the war in Syria, (seven years in the eastern Ghouta area of Damascus, and one year in Idlib). I share our stories, the reality of my people, the Syrian people, here and on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram (see links at bottom of home page).

I moved to Turkey with my family in 2019, and we are safe now. But the war in Syria goes on, for over 11 years, and people still die there every day. I will continue to report the news from Syria to keep the world informed of the truth.

I was featured in a book written by Angelina Jolie, Know Your Rights and Claim Them , which is a guide for youth of the world to advocate for themselves and others. And I co-wrote a book with Nora Neus and Julie Robine about my life called, Muhammad Najem, War Reporter.

Currently I’m working on improving my English and continuing my education. Thank you for your interest, care, and support. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions about me or the situation in Syria.

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