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Muhammed Najem My story on Al Hurra channel

Al Hurra channel: In 2018, the world witnessed the incredible story of a Syrian child, Muhammed Najem, who was just 15 years old at the time. Despite the chaos and destruction surrounding him in Eastern Ghouta, Muhammad used nothing more than a phone camera to document the horrors of war, siege, and the resilience of his people. His daily video clips shared through social media accounts captivated the world and brought attention to the devastating situation in Syria.

Now, years later, Muhammad Najm has collaborated with American writer Nora Neus to release a powerful graphic novel titled “Muhammed Najem, War Reporter.” This graphic novel provides a unique and intimate perspective on the war diaries he lived through, allowing readers to immerse themselves in the gripping narrative of his experiences.

Muhammad Najm, a courageous young man who used his camera to shine a light on the darkest moments of war. Discover the resilience, hope, and humanity that emerged from the ashes of Eastern Ghouta through his eyes.

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