Muhammad Najem

No More Bombs!

Look at these pictures of Syria and imagine your home, your city, your neighbor’s homes, your mosque, synagogue, or church, your market, library, schools, hospitals, movie theaters, malls, restaurants, and local coffee shops–GONE.


Imagine this is all that’s left behind.


Piles of rubble. Dust. Broken lives.


Death, maiming, and devastation.


Family and loved ones–DEAD and GONE.


Everything you have ever worked for in your lifetime, GONE. Ravaged.


This is the aftermath of bombs.


I know the sounds of the airstrikes, from the planes to the helicopters with their barrel bombs; the whirring of the blades as they come closer, the whistle of the bomb dropping through blue or black skies.


Syrians know all too well the horror and dread that these killing machines bring.


We implore the world–No More Bombs!


Is it not insane that in 2022 we still allow such things to even be built?


Their only purpose is to kill human beings, animals, and destroy buildings, farms, land…


One day, we pray, there will be no need for weapons and bombs.


And we can all live in peace, with no one having the ability to murder other humans just to steal their resources and gain power.

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