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Partnership Towards Renaissance

Partnership Towards Renaissance: Contributions and Perspectives of Sponsoring Entities in the Path of Economic Empowerment and Sustainability

Northern Syria faces severe humanitarian and economic challenges. Leading humanitarian organizations are hosting a conference to discuss economic empowerment and sustainable development. The goal is to improve lives and foster international cooperation for lasting solutions.

The main topics of the session
The role of strategic partnerships in enhancing sustainability in conflict areas.
The vision of sponsoring entities and their vital role in supporting development projects and economic empowerment.
Experiences of sponsoring organizations in implementing development programs and their tangible results on the ground.
The cooperation and integration offered by sponsoring organizations and their role in shaping a pioneering model towards stability and sustainability of services.

Alaa Hashem 00:00
Presenter of news and programs on Syria TV
Session moderator

General Director – Ataa Humanitarian Relief Association

Raed Al Saleh 16:15
Director of the Syrian Civil Defense Foundation (White Helmets)

Samir Seifan 25:59
Manager of the Harmon Center for Contemporary Studies

DIAA eldin Abdulatif 38:16
CEO of the White Hands Association

Ghassan Hitto 43:45
CEO of the Syrian Forum

Dr. Mazen​ ​Kewara 56:42
Middle East RD- SAMS

Mhd Ammar Bani Almarjeh 01:09:53
CEO – Mercy Without Limits

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