Muhammad Najem

“Perhaps Death At Sea Is More Merciful”

“Perhaps death at sea is more merciful”–the words of those who survived the drowning. “The boat of death” as it is described, a boat loaded with refugees fleeing from the scourge of war, racism, and economic problems–loaded with children and women, and men in search of life. They didn’t think that death was waiting for them at sea, (the boat had no safety equipment), only hopes hung on it to take them to the shore of safety. Unfortunately, it took them to the depth of the sea, its victims exceeded 90 people, including children. The destination was from the Lebanese coast to Cyprus, but tragically, it sank in an unexpected place. the boat sank near the Syrian shores of the Assad regime. This is the same government which caused them to flee its grips. Ending up back in the hands of those they were escaping, the words of the survivors were: “Perhaps death at sea would be more merciful, we have brought ourselves back to our executioners, mercy for the martyrs, and we hope survival for those who avoided death.”–

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