Muhammad Najem

please answer me, are we in a livable country as human beings?


Are we in a livable country? In this difficult life, we all dream, and we all want to achieve something for ourselves, our community and our country. We all live with hope, but frankly, in Syria, we don’t have anything but hope. A little hope in our hearts that one day we will see change, our condition will change. How does he feel from shedding our blood, how does he sleep, what does he dream of, is there no one who tells him that he kills innocent people? What did the Syrians do to fight us the world? We were kind, generous people, don’t you know Syria? Syrians take care of the poor, we give water to the thirsty, we give clothes to the naked, and shelter those who do not have a home – ask about the people of Syria, why did this happen to us? As refugees abroad, we see our country being destroyed and stolen from us, someone comes and says you are a refugee, go to your country. Do you know, my friend, what is happening in my country? Do you not know that I am building in your country while my country is being demolished? Wars, poverty, misery, this is our life. But does this mean that we give up? Of course not, we were not created to give up, we were created to find ways for us to go and continue our lives despite the difficulty of this life. Children are killed, young men are imprisoned, females are held captive, because of the screams of women, the whole country is no longer livable. But we must not lose hope and resolve, we will continue and we will fight, we will live – this land is our land, the blood that was shed on this land to our youth, the cries of widows and detainees. We accept, sacrifice, and lose, but the land is our land, we have become refugees. The world just wants to get us out of its lands, we have become a burden. We were displaced in tents, our homes were destroyed. Some of our people are in prisons, and no one knows their conditions. Syria is the second worst country for corruption. No fuel, no food, no war, revenge, hunger, oppression, murderers and blood – but we will not lose hope because Syria is ours, not the Assad family! Our hope in God and our path is difficult and long. But please answer me, are we in a livable country as human beings?

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