Muhammad Najem

Plight of Women and Children in Syria’s Regime Prisons

In war-torn Syria, an ongoing conflict has left a devastating impact on the lives of countless women and children. Among the biggest victims are over 9000 females who have been detained or disappeared within the Syrian regime’s prisons. These women, who played vital roles in society as nurses, teachers, engineers, and housewives, bravely called for freedom during the Syrian revolution.

However, the regime saw them as a threat and resorted to extreme measures to suppress them. They were hidden away in dark, sunless cells, deprived of even the most basic living standards. Within these grim confines, they endured unspeakable physical and psychological torture, often in front of their husbands and children, subjecting them to humiliation and indignity.

The consequences have been heart-wrenching for the children, who were robbed of their mothers and left without their nurturing presence, creating a void that separates thousands of families. The news of arrests often leaves families in despair, as the regime erases any trace of their loved ones, cutting off all means of communication.

The plight of these female detainees has been exploited by unscrupulous individuals, deceiving desperate families who seek information about their loved ones. Such exploitation has made them victims of extortion gangs and fraud.

Despite their suffering, Syrian women’s freedom and rights have been neglected, and their stories remain marginalized by both the media and society. The question remains: When will justice be served for these thousands of female detainees held captive by the Syrian regime?

This video sheds light on the harrowing experiences endured by these women and children, emphasizing the urgent need for justice and freedom in Syria. It aims to raise awareness about their plight and calls for global attention and support to ensure that these victims are not forgotten and that they may one day embrace their loved ones again, like women and children everywhere deserve. Join us in seeking justice and advocating for the rights of those whose voices have been silenced in the shadows of Syria’s prisons.

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