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Press Conference Regarding the Border Closing

Press Conference Regarding the Border Closing


Today a press conference regarding the Lifeline border crossing was held. Representatives for 124 NGOs including: Violet organization, Syrian Civil Defense (White Helmets), and SAMS met to speak against the closing of the humanitarian border crossing.


Four million Syrian people are under threat of losing all humanitarian aid if this crossing is closed.


The bombing continues and civilians remain displaced, living in tent camps with no basic services.


People throughout Syria are in need of help. One million children are included in this group.


These representatives implore the international community to stand against this closure.


Closing this #Lifeline will put millions at risk of losing food, water, medicines, medical care, and basic necessities that 124 NGOs contribute to by using this border crossing between Turkey and Syria. It is the last open crossing, and now the Syrian regime and Russia wish to close it permanently, leaving these at-risk civilians to disease, hunger, and death.

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