Muhammad Najem

Remember that New Year’s Day will soon be here. What will you do for them?


Hello my friends, Now it is winter for most of the country. We all know that in winter there is rain and snow. Most of the people of Syria now live in Idlib, under indiscriminate shelling, barrel bombs, and aircraft missiles. Their homes and belongings were destroyed. They have nylon tents to sleep in, under the open. Most of them pitched these tents under the trees in the agricultural lands, not suitable for living conditions. I’ll tell you a little bit about some of what’s going on there. – When you pitch a tent on agricultural land and rainfalls, the water floods the tent and the land is covered with mud and water. – When the snow falls, you have no place to sleep because the tents collapse. All these people will freeze from the cold. – You will not find a place to eat or find food there. Imagine you do not have any food to eat at all. – You will not find a place for children to play and study. How can children go to school, with the bombs, shelling, and rain? Is this a nice life for you if you live it? What would you do if life was this hard for you and your children and family? Will, you just stop and watch these families die from bombardment, cold, and hunger, or will you try to do something to help them? Remember that New Year’s Day will soon be here. What will you do for them? Will you fulfill one of their dreams? Or will you ignore them?

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