Muhammad Najem

Salim wants to tell the world his story and what happened with him and how his sister died

My friend Salim wants to tell the world what happened to him before he bombed his house and wounded him and the death of his little sister Raghad, 9 years old, with that dreaded rocket that the Russian planes received on us in the eastern Ghouta???? صديقي سليم يريد ان يخبر العالم بما حدث معه قبل قصف بيته واصابته وموت اخته الصغيرة رغد ذات ٩ سنوات بذلك الصاروخ اللعين التي تلقيه الطائرات الروسية علينا داخل الغوطة الشرقية????

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