Muhammad Najem

“Sham Meets Asma al-Assad”

Shameless Propaganda by the Assad Family

To say that the Assad family has no shame, is a huge understatement!

Asma al-Assad, wife of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad (war criminal, dictator, and tyrant), has a video chat with injured Syrian child “Sham”.

Sham and her older brother Omar were both seriously injured in the February earthquake in Idlib, Syria. With severe crush injuries to their legs, they needed urgent medical care that was not available in Syria.

Their father was allow them to be sent to the UAE for treatment. The doctors in the UAE likely saved the lives of these children, as they would not have survived due to infections and complications of the injuries.

Assad has poisoned, bombed, imprisoned, disappeared, starved, denied medical treatment, executed, tortured, etc. the people of Idlib (Sham’s people) for 12 years!

Now his wife Asma has the nerve to pretend she cares about this injured child? One of the people she wanted dead for all this time?

Hypocrisy at its finest!!!!

What game are the Assad’s playing this time? They know the world is watching.

The Assad’s cannot fool the people of Idlib with this show. And they cannot fool anyone who knows the war crimes and atrocities they have brought upon thousands of children just like Sham!

The Assad’s probably danced when they learned of the death and destruction in Idlib from the earthquakes. After denying aid to pass into Idlib, they now pretend to care about this injured child?

Do not believe one word from the mouth of this snake. She is part of the propaganda to “normalize” the Assad regime to the rest of the world.

NEVER FORGET what her husband has done for 12 years. This pretense of “love and care” for the injured child Sham, is a lie!

And do not fault Sham’s father for this. He has no choice! Above all, he wanted his children to be given medical treatment. He has no power in the UAE. He is at their mercy.

PLEASE just share this and help people to understand that the Assad regime cannot be trusted. NEVER.


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