Muhammad Najem

Smiling Through the Pain


Behind each smile on these dear children’s faces, is a story to be told.
Some of these pictures are joyful, and some are sad.
You may find it difficult or painful to view some of them.
But believe me, behind every expression on these Syrian children’s faces, is a sad, heart-wrenching story of oppression and suffering.
Life has been very harsh on these beautiful faces.
Some of them show the essence of what it is to be alive, and their future has hopes for them.
Some had this cruel life steal their souls.
And some of their faces were forever mutilated, a constant reminder of their trauma and pain.
These children are fighters, even with lost limbs, or burned faces, they fought to survive.
And there they are, smiling, surviving, still suffering, but with the bravest smiles on those little faces.
They have earned the right to smile.
They smile through the worst of circumstances, ones that the rest of the world could never truly imagine.
One day, God willing, they will smile from pure joy.

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