Muhammad Najem

The motherland is the mother that nourishes us, the family that makes us feel warm. There is no family without a homeland.

Home is where you were born. I grew up on her land and under her sky, ate from her fruits, drank her water, and inhaled her air. I learned about it.


Home is security, the calm, the freedom, the loyalty affiliation, the sacrifice. Home is the closest place to my heart. It is my family and friends. My love for my country motivates me to greatness and keenness to seek knowledge and I strive one day to become a useful young man serving my country.
Home is the most precious thing in our life. So we have to protect it and be ready to sacrifice to protect it.

The state has to protect the homeland before us, but when the state is corrupt and criminal and wants to destroy our country, we must protect our homeland ourselves.
My Syrian state is the one who destroyed my country before the enemies. It is my Syrian state that brought colonists to my country. My Syrian state abandoned its people from their homeland, killed them, and displaced them outside their homeland.
What our country taught us when we were young at school about patriotism, about the colonizer of the homeland. It was only a lie they told us when we were young.
The occupier is the one who destroyed the homeland.
My country destroyed my house, killed my father, and took me out of my homeland.
Despite this, patriotism is the most precious thing in existence. We must nurture this in our children from childhood and teach them the love of their homeland. We must sacrifice for them, whatever the consequences.
We were forced out of our land, but we will return victorious. We will turn this wrong around, there will be victory.


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