Muhammad Najem

I never thought that I would find anything more tragic and brutal than what I had seen with my own eyes.

I never thought I would go through a more brutal experience than what I had seen with my eyes.

I never thought I would witness people dying every day of my life.

It is very difficult to go through brutal things every day.
It is difficult to try to get rid of that image of the red cascade of Syrian blood painted in your brain for nine years.
I did not, and I would not, hope for anyone to go through this experience at all.

I never have, and never would have thought to punish the world as my people in Syria have been punished.
I have never blamed anyone for their shortcomings towards my country.
Some days ago I had so many thoughts on my mind.
Why did a virus change the whole world and its entire movement?
And why didn’t the world find the anti-virus before it spread?
Nine years ago, a virus was spread that is far more dangerous than the one that has now struck the world.
No one on earth has the medicine to kill this virus.
No one on earth, from the smallest to the greatest countries has yet found a solution to stop this deadly virus.
The virus, Bashar al-Assad, who used weapons on his own people that no country has used on their own people before.
He used the world’s most highly banned chemical weapons.
He used bombs, missiles, planes, barrels, and explosives to kill children and women — his fellow Syrians.
He continues to use the most severe, painful, and deadly forms of torture known in history.
In nine years, millions of people have been murdered, millions have been deserted and displaced—left homeless to live in the harsh elements as they had to leave everything they owned behind.
Their homes were destroyed.
Their land and their women were raped.
Their children are dead.
The women are widowed.
All of these are his people.
There is no difference between those who die from Bashar al-Assad virus or coronavirus because death is death.
But at least you may die peacefully and with only some pain from the coronavirus.
Whereas you will die a bloody death, lose body parts or be painfully tortured to death.
Or be killed by a rocket, bomb or barrel from the sky.
What are you going to choose?
If given the choice to die from #coronavirus or the most venomous virus on earth, #Bashar #al_Assad, which would you choose?
Both are dangerous.
Both are deadly poisonous.
Both are extremely lethal.
Both are the most extreme.
They have both killed many people.
Both have struck and injured many people.
They have both shattered people’s ambitions.
Both have ruined people’s futures.
Both have stopped people’s businesses.
Both of them have closed schools and stopped people’s education.
But the difference between the two viruses is huge.
The first one is death without smell or color.
But the other kills horribly with the smell of gunpowder or sarin (the chemical weapon) scattered around,
Or the bright red blood left behind by a missile or a bomb.
Coronavirus is safer and more merciful on us Syrians than the oppression of Bashar al-Assad, who chose to kill and destroy his own people instead of stepping down from the seat of power in Syria.
Which one do you think is more deadly?

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