Muhammad Najem


#Coronavirus has killed 1,820,000 million people out of 7.8 billion people around the world.

Everyone was eager to kill the virus.

Bashar al-Assad has killed nearly half a million people, (out of 21 million people), internally (within Syria) displaced and left abandoned another 6.1 million people; and caused 5.6 million people to take refuge outside of Syria!

The international community calls on us to complete a reconciliation with Assad under the name of #Repatriation.

Why do you not pursue such conciliatory justice with Coronavirus and coexist with it, just as you ask the Syrian people to pursue conciliatory justice with the dirtiest criminal in history?

Knowing as we do, that we can coexist with Coronavirus, unlike –a person who killed and deserted his people, and destroyed his country.


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