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Syria The Deep Sense of Betrayal & Pain Many Feel

Syria The Deep Sense of Betrayal & Pain Many Feel


In Syria, the deep sense of betrayal and pain many feels is palpable. Since the start of the ongoing war in 2011, more than half a million people have been killed, over 10 million displaced, and over 4 million refugees have been registered.

and pain many feel. We’ll discuss how the conflict has escalated, the role Russia has played, and the harsh realities Syrians are facing.

Syria has always been a country with a rich history and culture. However, the current conflict has caused immense damage and loss of life. Many are asking what happened and why? In this video, we’ll discuss the current situation in Syria and the deep sense of betrayal and pain many feels.

As the situation in Syria continues to worsen, take a look at the reality of what’s happening on the ground. It’s a reality many feel deep in their hearts, as the footage from Syria vividly reveals.
With the Assad regime in the midst of forcing displaced Syrians from their homes, many people are wondering how peace can be a reality with this regime in power. How can reconciliation happen when thousands of detainees continue to be held in its prisons? While these questions may seem irrelevant, they are necessary to consider as the world debates whether it is possible to reconcile with a regime that has killed so many innocent people.

It’s time to talk about the Syrian regime. The Syrian people have every right to ask how there can be peace without accountability, or at least a genuine effort to find answers for what happened to their loved ones. The country has been destroyed, hundreds of thousands have been killed, and millions have fled their homes. Surely there is nothing we can do now to make amends for those lives that were taken by such an oppressive regime, but it is our duty as Syrians to never forget what happened and try for a different future.

I am deeply concerned about the idea of reconciliation with the Assad regime in Syria. As someone who has suffered at the hands of this regime, it is impossible to ignore the deep sense of betrayal and pain many feels. Why are we not talking about releasing these detainees and holding accountable those who have committed such grave crimes, including killing thousands of Syrians? Why are we even considering reconciling with those who have destroyed our cities and caused us to flee for our safety? This idea of reconciliation feels like placing our heads into the jaws of a lion and saying we love animals.

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